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Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice
What a Friend
What a friend - Reloaded.

I started this website in 2001 after a life changing conversation with God on Paradise Island in the Bazarutu Archipelago, similar to Him visiting Adam and Eve in the cool of the day to have conversation and communion with them.

The gist of our conversation was about how I stood in awe as I surveyed the miracle, wonder and excellence of His creation. In a moment I was in the Spiriti and He then spoke to me about His desire to have me as a friend and to speak to me as He spoke to Adam and Eve.

Since then the fire of the Holy Spirit has burned within me with a flame as urgent, compassionate and life-giving as I have never felt before in the previous twenty five years during which I served Him in ignorance.

I then promised Him to consider His words in terms of the Bible, as I had thought it blasphemous until then to regard God as a friend, and it inspired me to start this website, which has subsequently been read by thousands of people all over the world.

Now, after eighteen years since that paradisiacal meeting, I have gained a lot more insight into the character and nature of God. It is thus with humble appreciation to His total loving devotion to His creation in general, and to mankind and to me in particular, that I am rewriting my old articles and writing a vast collection of new articles in this newly published and reloaded version of What a Friend, a name derived from that most beautiful of songs, What a friend we have in Jesus, which my grandmother taught me and which I still sing with passion after more than sixty years and sung here at its best by Larry Ford:

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